Monday, May 2, 2011

This one was easy.

So my first personal challenge to start a blog about accepting challenges is over and, I won!  The next challenge is to get everyone else to start challenging me.  This is where you, the Super Friends, come in.  I need you to be the crucible by which I sharpen my mind, harden my body, and hone my wits to become a Super Friend like all of you. 

Let's lay down some ground rules first, because what fun is doing stuff if there aren't strict rules involved.  These are actually pretty simple and will probably be bent from time to time:

1) No challenges involving serious bodily injury or death.  What can I say, I want to live.  I do love a good physical challenge, and encourage them, just nothing that will break or maim me or anyone else.

2) No financially harmful challenges.  I know there's someone out there who wants to dare me to take out a high interest loan just to create a 3D remake of Dolemite.  And as great as that sounds, I don't think it will make it's money back at the box office.

3) Nothing illegal.  I definitely won't take a challenge to smuggle the most black tar heroin balloons in my body cavity, but I might be down for streaking. 

Outside of that, plumb your imaginations.  Have your co-workers, hairdresser, or mother challenge me.  I'll give it my best shot or fail before the world.  I'll be documenting my progress for every challenge and I'll try to make them as funny and entertaining as possible. 

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